Tennis Stars Are Not Happy With Margaret Court's Ridiculous Comments About Homosexuality

Tennis Stars Are Not Happy With Margaret Court's Ridiculous Comments About Homosexuality

Margaret Court is statistically the most successful female tennis player in history. Whenever Serena Williams' Grand Slam titles are mentioned, Court immediately comes up in conversation. The American stands one off Court's all-time Grand Slam record (holding 23 to Court's 24).

She has her own court named after her in Melbourne, which is used regularly during the Australian Open. But she has caused controversy over the last month over her comments on homosexuality:

I mean, tennis is full of lesbians, because even when I was playing there was only a couple there, but those couple that led took young ones into parties and things.

We’re there to help them overcome. We’re not against the people.

It's led to a number of calls from former and current players for Court to have her arena revoked, with a potential boycott on the cards if something is not done.

World number one Andy Murray is the most noteworthy name to lend support to that cause. Speaking after his first-round victory at the French Open on Tuesday, Murray said:

I don't see why anyone has a problem with two people who love each other getting married.

If something was to be done, I think it would be a lot more beneficial to do it before the tournament starts. or players to be in a position where you're in a slam and boycotting playing on the court, I think would potentially cause a lot of issues.

But I would imagine a lot of the players would be pretty offended. So we'll see what happens.

His comments came after Australian's current number one Sam Stosur condemned Court:


I think everyone can have their opinion. I don't agree with it, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we all get down to the Australian Open next year and who wants to play on Margaret Court Arena and who doesn't.

Eighteen-time Grand Slam winner, Martina Navratilova, who came out as gay in the 1980's was supportive of re-naming the arena when asked on Twitter:

With Court firing back, expect this to rumble on for a few weeks.

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