Novak Djokovic Rows Back On Comments About Women's Tennis With Facebook Post

Novak Djokovic Rows Back On Comments About Women's Tennis With Facebook Post

Novak Djokovic feels bad - if you were offended by his comments about women's tennis made on Sunday.

In a post on his Facebook page, the world number one blamed 'euphoria and adrenalin' for the remarks which received widespread criticism, including from Andy Murray.

Djokovic had been asked about former Indian Wells' CEO Raymond Moore saying that women's tennis was 'riding on the coat-tails' of the men's game.

The Serbian responded by agreeing a gap in pay between the men's and women's game was justified as he believed the men's game drew a larger audience. He then continued digging by commending female tennis players for playing at a high level despite "hormones and different stuff" they endure.


Here's Djokovic's apology.

Dear all,

I typically use this page to share my excitement with you, especially after big wins.

But this time I had to take a few deep breaths before addressing you. As you may have seen, I was asked to comment on a controversy that wasn’t of my making. Euphoria and adrenalin after the win on Sunday got the best of me and I’ve made some comments that are not the best articulation of my view, and I would like to clarify them.

As you all know, I care deeply about the future of the game and all of the players. Tennis helped me so much in my life and being where I am today, I felt the need to speak about the fairer and better distribution of funds across the board - this was meant for both men and women. We all have to fight for what we deserve. This was never meant to be made into a fight between genders and differences in pay, but in the way all players are rewarded for their play and effort.

Tennis is a sport that I love and that gave me the opportunity to help others who still have a long way to go to achieve their dreams. This was my view all along and I want to apologize to anyone who has taken this the wrong way.

PJ Browne
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