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BREAKING: An Irishman Has Joined The Chase As A Chaser

BREAKING: An Irishman Has Joined The Chase As A Chaser

We come to you with some massive news from the world of entertainment and TV quizzes. Irishman Darragh Ennis has today confirmed he'll be joining The Chase as a chaser. He'll be the sixth Chaser on the programme. This ranks up there with Father Ted on Channel 4 as one of the outstanding accomplishments for Irish people on British television.

Mr Ennis featured on a famous episode of the show as a contestant in 2017. He banked £9000 for his team but his teammates opted for the lower offer, which spawned the JusticeForDarragh hashtag.


Darragh took it all humbly, which makes us think he'll be a 'good cop' chaser.


Irishman On The Chase

Many successful contestants are often mentioned as future Chasers but Darragh has made the leap.  Chaser Paul Sinha lavished praise on Darragh, calling him the best contestant he's ever come up against.

Ennis is a scientist and lab manager at the Ilan David labratory in Oxford. Here's his bio:

I am Ilan's lab manager and also a postdoctoral researcher, and I have been in the lab since 2013. In the Davis lab I am working as part of a team on a wide-ranging RNA localisation screen. This screen is based in the Drosophila nervous system and I am working primarily on screening the larval brain. Prior to this project I had worked on another screen project in which we collaborated with several other research groups from across the world.

A source from the show told the Mirror

Darragh has got what it takes to be a Chaser, he has been put to the test and passed with flying colours.

"They don't bring in new members on The Chase regularly so this is a big deal for the show and Darragh. Viewers will be very interested to see how he gets on.

"The show is so popular with spin off shows now as well so there is a need to increase the team. No one is leaving, Darragh is very much an addition to the team."

Balls Team

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