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New Dublin Bus Timetables Come Into Effect From Wednesday

New Dublin Bus Timetables Come Into Effect From Wednesday

Dublin Bus will introduce new timetables from Wednesday, April 1st in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It will essentially run on what was the usual Saturday schedule with added services.

"We are moving to an enhanced Saturday schedule which will be based on the current Saturday schedule, augmented by additional services, especially in the early morning," the company said.

"All areas that currently have a Dublin Bus service will continue to have one. Under the revised timetables, services will run at over 80% of current levels."

Dublin Bus has also introduced new social distancing measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Seating will be restricted. In a video on the Twitter account of Dublin Bus CEO Ray Coyne, just four seats were available for use on the downstairs section of a bus.

"To help maintain a 2 metre distance some seating on-board will be restricted, which will be highlighted by signage," the company said.

"We are asking our customers to please follow these restrictions.


"We would like to remind our customers to please maintain 2 metres social distancing when boarding, alighting and on board."

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