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A New Website Has Already Made It Easy Not To Stray More Than 2km From Home

A  New Website Has Already Made It Easy Not To Stray More Than 2km From Home

When Leo Varadkar announced the latest level of restrictions on citizens last night in the fight to contain the coronavirus, many were a little confused by the idea of straying no more than 2km from their home for reasons other than essential travel for work or shopping. How exactly would anyone know how far was 2km from their house?

In an incredibly quick amount of time, a simple solution was found by Wexford web developer Dave Bolger. Bolger got up and running at 7am this morning, and since then, a huge amount of people have used his service to find out what their limitations truly are.

The website will take your location from your IP address, drop a pin in the map and will make an incredibly simple and handy two kilometre circle around your house.

Speaking to RTE News, Bolger explained that the site has become a phenomenon in no time.

"Between 7am this morning and 12 o'clock this afternoon, there has been 250,000 hits on a website so it's gone extremely viral."


After an unexpected surge in popularity just hours after launch, Bolger has already had to put the site on a different platform to deal with the traffic.

For those you wanting to go for a decent walk but not wanting to stray outside the new rules, the radius is extremely handy to see how to get the most out of the roads in your area. This kind of quick thinking and ingenuity is exactly what we need at the moment.


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