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Alan Kelly Accused Of 'Doing A Roy Keane' After Healy-Rae Phone Goes Off In Dáil

Alan Kelly Accused Of 'Doing A Roy Keane' After Healy-Rae Phone Goes Off In Dáil

Not for the first time, the sound of Danny Healy-Rae's Nokia phone rang out during a Dáil session on Tuesday.

Labour leader Alan Kelly was in the middle of asking Tánaiste Leo Varadkar a question about the effect rising heating costs will have on vulnerable families as the winter approaches when the Kerry TD's phone rang.

It was one ring too many for Kelly.

"Is it ever going to stop, Ceann Comhairle?" said Kelly.

"Every single day. Are you ever going to do anything about it? It is just continuous."

It was at this point that Cork TD Mick Barry asked if Kelly was about to emulate another Corkman.

"Are you doing a Roy Keane on it now?" said Barry, referencing an infamous press conference when Keane was Ipswich manager and a journalist's phone rang.


Danny Healy-Rae interjected. "They will not ring you anyway," he said.

His brother, Michael, agreed.

"That is your answer," said the younger brother.

"Who'd want to be ringing you? You'd do nothing for anyone. You are only here yapping. If you minded your own business, you would be a great man."

Kelly had the final word of the exchange, "The two caricatures again. Enough".

Danny Healy-Rae phone goes off in the Dáil

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