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10 Images Of A Great Week In America - Leaders Of The Free World

10 Images Of A Great Week In America - Leaders Of The Free World

The Land Of The Free. At a time of worldwide crisis and panic, we look west for guidance and leadership. The USA, leaders of the western world since World War II, is the place we should look to see if we're dealing with things correctly.

When we watch our non-political Chief Medical Officer give daily briefings on the pandemic, we look across the Atlantic and see their president arguing and shouting at reporters, governors and everybody else for two hours. When we honour social distancing and do our very best to flatten the curve, we cast our eye to the old US of A and see broadcasters telling us the economy matters more than life and death, and see armed citizen militias storming statehouses because they can't by hair-dye.

Maybe we shouldn't be looking west after all.

In a week when US deaths from coronavirus spiraled over 30,000, it was time to get back to work, time to open to the beaches, and time to dye your hair. Because that's freedom.


Naturally, where there's a gun toting "freedom" protest, our old friend the Confederate flag will never be far away.


And where there's a Confederate Flag, a Swastika or two is never too far behind.


We can't help but notice a lot of white people in these pictures. Would be interesting to see the reaction in the States and around the world if groups of black people arrived at statehouses with machine guns.

Meanwhile in New York, even the Morgue overflows are too full.


And the response of the President of the United States of America? Encourage more vigilantism for no more reason than to always be at war.

This is not normal.


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