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Apocalyptic Global Pandemic Movie Drops On Netflix Tomorrow

Apocalyptic Global Pandemic Movie Drops On Netflix Tomorrow

Considering the current global health concerns, it is perhaps unsurprising that movies about pandemics have proven to be very popular over recent months.

2011's Contagion had a huge resurgence on Netflix, proving to be one of the most viewed films on the sit as coronavirus began to impact a number of countries worldwide.

We have a feeling this one could prove equally popular.

ONLY made its debut at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and will be available on Netflix from tomorrow morning. Directed by Takashi Doscher, it tells the story of a pandemic that sweeps the globe after mysterious ash falls from the sky. The only thing is, this disease only affects women.

It begins to essentially wipe out women throughout the world, but protagonist Eva (played by Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto) manages to survive by staying inside with the help of her boyfriend Will. However, they are put in immediate danger once they are forced to leave their home.

You can watch the trailer for the movie below, which also features Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr.


It is available on Sunday, July 5th.

The plot of the film is summarised as:

A mysterious virus has killed every woman on the planet, all except Eva (Freida Pinto). Hunted by everyone, Eva and her boyfriend Will make a break for the wilderness, but its not long before someone picks up their trail. Strong language.

If you want to scare yourself even more with all that's going on at the minute, this one could be for you.

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