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Bachelor's Walk And Love/Hate Returning To RTÉ During Lockdown

Bachelor's Walk And Love/Hate Returning To RTÉ During Lockdown

RTÉ often come in for a kicking but the national broadcaster has performed a vital public service over the last month keeping the nation informed and calm as we collectively navigate a public health emergency and an unprecedented national lockdown.

Now they're embarking on the hardest job of all: keeping us entertained as we adjust to extensive time indoors. Thankfully, they're not messing around. RTÉ today announced that iconic Irish programmes Bachelor's Walk, Love/Hate (all five seasons) and Pure Mule would be screened on Irish television over the coming weeks.  It also revealed it would be airing The Guard and that Derry Girls would soon get its first screening on Irish TV. This is on top a lot of retro sport and children's programming.

Programmes like Bachelor's Walk are already available on the RTÉ Player. Parking the unreliability of the Player, there's something almost comforting about watching these shows again on terrestrial telly, just like we first experienced them. We can't wait for this.


RTE's DG Dee Forbes said the following this afternoon about RTE's broadcasting plans:

People at home and abroad are coming to RTÉ in huge numbers right now. Up-to-date news and information has rarely been so important and it remains a key priority in our schedules. We’re also doing all we can to lighten the mood too, where possible, and to entertain people and families as we all develop new routines. We’re s upporting virtual community initiatives that bring us together while we have to be apart, and we’re supporting teachers, children and parents through this uncertain period. Mass and minority faith messages are available too.These are the first of what will be many changes to our schedules and services over the coming weeks. I want to assure audiences that RTÉ will be with you every day and every night, on the radio, on your phone, online and on your TV. RTÉ is your national broadcaster and we will do all we can at this time of national crisis to keep audiences informed, entertained and connected.”

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