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A Deadly Irish Film Is Premiering On Netflix Today

A Deadly Irish Film Is Premiering On Netflix Today

It's Day 5 of the lockdown, and if you're like us, you're beginning to get a little bit stir-crazy. You need fresh entertainment options. You need a laugh. And since it's St Patrick's Day, you need the opportunity to clumsily display patriotism.

There is a way to do all of those things without humiliating your pets and children by dressing them up as characters from Irish mythology. You can tune into Netflix tonight at 9pm when there's a streaming party for the really fun Irish film 'Extra Ordinary', which is getting its world streaming premiere today.


If you missed 'Extra Ordinary' when it was in the cinemas last autumn, it's basically your old-fashioned battle of good and evil with good represented by a luckless driving instructor/medium (played by Maeve Higgins) and evil represented by a corrupted international pop star (played by SNL's Will Forte). At these times of great distress, 'Extra Ordinary' is a fun, escapist and nostalgic, three things no one is saying no to.

Allison Spittle, who features in the film, will be hosting a chat live on her instagram after the screening if you're into that kind of thing.

Donny Mahoney

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