Ranking Which Avengers Would Be The Most Craic In Coppers

Ranking Which Avengers Would Be The Most Craic In Coppers
By Mark Farrelly
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Are we suffering from Coppers withdrawals? Yes. Are we watching frankly too many Marvel Universe movies to pass the time at home? Yes. So without further ado here's a ranking of the Avengers crew in order of how much craic they'd be on a night out, whenever we get to have one again!

14. The filler

There are too many here to mention. These are the people in your group of friends who you're not really that close to at all. Sometimes Bucky and War Machine come to Coppers with you, sometimes they don't but it doesn't effect your night out in any way really. Unless you get caught talking to fucking Vision for 20 minutes at the bar. Lord help us!

13. Scarlet Witch

Can be a bit moody and very morose. She isn't one for cracking many jokes but is worth bringing along because every now and again she goes off on one and shit spectacularly hits the fan. Worth it just to be there for when it happens.

12. Dr Strange

He's not much craic on the night out but By Jesus does he come in useful the next morning when the rest of us Coppers attendees need to turn back time!

11. Captain America

That lad who constantly reminds you of how inadequate you are due to the fact all female attention is directed at him. "Oh is that girl giving me the eyes? No, she's coming over to talk to Steve. Of course she is!"

10. Spiderman

It's not that Spiderman isn't good fun it's just that it's too much effort trying to sneak him past the bouncers every night, given he has no ID.

9. Hulk

Lovely to be around when he's sober but when the hoor gets drink into him he's a bloody nightmare. One minute he's swapping stories with everyone, the next minute he's fighting some lad and causing a bloody riot.


8. Rocket


Speaking of starting fights, Rocket is nearly as bad as Hulk. You both love him and hate him because of the fact he's a bit of a crank. It's funny when the two of you are standing in the corner sneering at people but then one thing leads to another and he's exchanging verbals with some Dundalk IT student who's down in Dublin for the night!

7. Hawkeye

Nice lad but keeps himself to himself a lot of the time. Has no interest in getting on the dancefloor or anything like that. He'll just hang around the edge keeping an eye on proceedings, which is a bit weird but at the same time, if anything kicks off he'll be the first to jump in.

6. Black Panther

Ah he's fierce sound. You'd don't talk to him all that often but when you do you always feel the better for it. And when he hits that dancefloor, shit is about to get real!


5. Black Widow

She's a class act but she absolutely hates Coppers. And who can blame her? For Black Widow, a night in Coppers consists of a constant stream of culchie lads in check shirts telling every chat up line under the sun.

4. Iron Man

Great to be around in the pub but is too much of a poser for Coppers. Does nothing but talk about wanting to leave and head to Krystle instead. Eventually though, you get him to let his guard down and it makes for some crazy nights.

3. Ant-Man

Really funny guy, lots of fun to be around and loves a good night out. The only issue you have with him is that he's a hoor for just disappearing on you. Eventually he'll show up back at the house at 6am, having lost all concept of time and space.


2. Star Lord

If Star Lord could hook Coppers to his veins he would. He's usually the life of the party and the highlight of his night is always the 5ive Megamix. Sometimes the drink can get the better of him, he'll get a bit messy, go home and have a row with his auld lad but in general he's a good laugh.

1. Thor

Ah he has it all! Funny, loves the pints, good looking and exotic. Thor has a great ability to bring random groups together and can always be relied upon for a memorable night. As far as rankings go, this wasn't even close!

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