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Dublin Rapper Ste Brown's Banger 'Noggin' Has Won The Internet

Dublin Rapper Ste Brown's Banger 'Noggin' Has Won The Internet

Ireland's song of the summer found its way to the internet yesterday. It's called 'Noggin' and it's performed by young Dublin rapper Ste Brown. The song is an ode to being young and restless in the south Dublin suburb of Sallynoggin.

It has a spooky Miami Bass vibe and young Browner has a buttery flow as a rapper. The line 'you may never drive lambo/come to my gaf if you want a sausy sambo' deserves a Grammy for best Irish rap bar of 2020. There's shoutouts both to the local barbers and the multinational supermarkets in the village. The accompanying video takes us through the mean streets of the Noggin.



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The video was uploaded yesterday and went viral last night. It's been viewed over 300,000 times across various social media platforms. Sallynoggin is fully on the map now. We're looking forward to Ste's next track.

Twitter was loving it.


UPDATE: We actually caught up with the man himself, providing us with invaluable advice when it comes to putting together those famous saussie sambos.

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