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Eir Sport Announce Showcase Of Extensive Multi-Sport Archive

Eir Sport Announce Showcase Of Extensive Multi-Sport Archive

Eir Sport have announced details of an extensive catalogue of archival sports footage - eir Sport Gold - which will show a variety of sporting action over the coming weeks.

With live sport non-existent in the current climate, eir Sport have turned to the archives in order to deliver a variety of sporting content to homes across Ireland.

Classic matches from the worlds of football, rugby, GAA, boxing, and tennis will be shown, alongside official films from the likes of the Olympics, the Masters and FIFA World Cups. Furthermore, eir Sport are also planning to run their own exclusive documentaries, including Kerr's Kids and Ballymun Kickhams - Passing It On.

It means you can tune in to relive the glory days of Heffo's Army, will David O'Leary's spot-kick home in Genoa, become transfixed by Christophe Lamaison's France stunning New Zealand in 1999 and even binge on over 100 classic Liverpool and Manchester United matches.

The archive footage even goes back far enough to bring us Jake LaMotta's bout against Sugar Ray Robinson in 1951. If you're talking classics, that's about as classic as it gets.


The eir Sport Gold archive has something for everyone. Furthermore, with their archive footage spread across the summer, you won't be able to miss your favourites.

The archive includes:

  • Over 100 classic GAA All Ireland Finals, Provincial Championships and Qualifiers back to 1970.
  • Over 100 Liverpool and Manchester United games from the 60s/70s/80s.
  • Two weeks of Wimbledon across July featuring 12 classic games in full.
  • Every FA cup final from 1980 to 2019.
  • World Cup Classic matches featuring Ireland, Brazil, Italy, France & England from 1970-2018.
  • Official Fifa film Documentaries from 10 world cups & official IOC Olympics films from 12 Summer Olympics, including 1956 in Melbourne.
  • Dozens of legendary fights from Tyson, Ali, Foreman, Marciano, all the way to Joe Louis.

For information on listings and scheduling, visit

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