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12 Of The Best Pieces Of Craic From This Year's Election

12 Of The Best Pieces Of Craic From This Year's Election

Between the local elections, the European elections and the Divorce Referendum there has been no shortage of campaign material doing the rounds and we've had a right laugh at some of it. From national to local, there have been some 'outstanding' posters, promotional videos and songs. Here are just a few:

First a foremost, Ben Gilroy wants you to know why he carries a 'hurley stick':

While Peter Casey has had an epiphany:


Speaking of Peter Casey, his upset at a 2013 parody account of Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has been particularly entertaining:

There was this press release:

And, no, it wasn't a hoax:


Incredibly, "I'd Vote 4u" wasn't the worst song of the campaign:

The greatest politician nickname was spotted in Kerry. Move aside, 'Ming':


Why is the podium in a field??

No, this is the best election poster:


The real fun, however, has been with the fake candidates:


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If you liked these then there are plenty more to peruse on the always excellent @electionlit Twitter account.

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