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Paul Mescal Fans Will Love This Duet With His Sister

Paul Mescal Fans Will Love This Duet With His Sister

We all know by now that Paul Mescal is one talented guy. Not only can the fella act but he's also able to sing incredibly well as showcased by the many videos of him banging out the tunes on his social media.

But it turns out he's not the most talented singer in the family. Mescal's sister Nell is a singer-songwriter and joined Paul on his latest musical endeavour as the two covered 'Nothing Arrived' by the Villagers.

The video of the two was posted last night by Nell and was later added to Paul's stories and of course, it went down a storm with his fans. Nell's Instagram is filled with her own solo covers and is definitely worth a scroll through if you need to hear more of her amazing voice after watching the video above.

And it wasn't just Paul's fans who enjoyed the duet.  With the villagers themselves posting "this is too cute" alongside the clip on Twitter...


Will the Mescals ever stop impressing us?

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