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Watch: Memorable Father Ted Cast Members Reunite For Brilliant Video

Watch: Memorable Father Ted Cast Members Reunite For Brilliant Video

It's mad to think that it's been 24 years since the last episode of Father Ted hit our screens.

The iconic Channel 4 comedy was a smash hit at the time and it continues to hold up in the present day. It's essentially impossible to spot an episode when you're flicking through the channels and not watch at least a few minutes of it.

Of course, some of the biggest stars of the show are no longer with us. Dermot Morgan tragically passed away before the final season of the show even aired, while Frank Kelly also died in 2016.

That being said, some of the other memorable side characters that graced our screen over two decades ago have reunited in recent days.

Father Ted cast reunite for brilliant video

Joe Rooney, who played Father Damo in an iconic Father Ted episode, took to TikTok to share a clip of him and a few other cast members reprising their roles.

The video also features Father Stone (played by Michael Redmond), Father Austin Purcell (played by Ben Keaton), and Eoin McLove (played by Patrick McDonnell) reenacting some of their best lines from years gone by.


Sit back and enjoy this one.

Four brilliant characters, all of who put in brilliant performances during their limited time on the screen.

The quartet were appearing at Covcon over the weekend, a fan convention taking place in Coventry over the weekend.

It is difficult to pick which of those four characters was the best, with each providing some very memorable moments. Father Damo certainly gave us one of the most quotable lines in Father Ted history.



As for Father Stone, he is a man that needs no introduction.

We definitely wouldn't mind seeing a few more cast members meet up to provide with more of this type of content in the future.

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