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Gavin & Stacey's Nessa Has Given Us The Perfect Lockdown Advice

Gavin & Stacey's Nessa Has Given Us The Perfect Lockdown Advice

The return of Gavin & Stacey last Christmas was a massive success, and to be honest it just left us wanting more. There have been hints that the show could come back for another series, but this is as close as we are going to get for now.

We have been getting a lot of advice on how to conduct ourselves during the lockdown, but there are few sources we would trust more than Nessa Shanessa Jenkins.

The straight-talking Welshwoman would never steer us wrong and now she has provided us with some advice on what to do during the lockdown.

What's occurrin'? Not a lot other than a global pandemic but the question was rhetorical.

Now listen, I'm not here to give advice. There's plenty of others that will do that for you. It's your life and I am not about to tell you how to live it. I wouldn't do that to no one. I wouldn't even tell myself how to live my life.

But I will say this. If you sees me in the mornings doing my daily run, my half marathon around Barry, don't even think about breaking that two-metre rule, cause if you does I will not hesitate to tell you quite clearly to back off.

Cause at the end of the day when all's said and done, no word of a lie, if truth be told, just because you don't feel ill don't mean you're not infectious.

You could be riddled.

Stay safe, stay out of my way and protect the NHS, obviously, goes without saying.


You heard the woman. You don't want to be spreading this virus like Dave Coaches spread his dose around Barry Island.

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