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You Can Now Rent George Best's Childhood Home On Airbnb

You Can Now Rent George Best's Childhood Home On Airbnb

George Best has perhaps the most compelling story of all Irish sportspeople.

Born in Belfast, he would become a star for Manchester United as a teenager, going on to achieve amazing things at the club. Of course, we also know about his struggles later in life.

Despite passing away over 15 years ago, the footballer still has a fanatical following. If you fall into that group, this new Airbnb rental could be right up your street.

You can now rent George Best's family home on the site, the house Best grew up in before embarking on his journey in Manchester.

The property was recently refurbished to mimic how it would have looked back in the 1960s, with a number of nods to Best scattered around the house.

The property description sums up what is available:


Step into the home a fifteen year old George Best left behind in 1961 when he went to follow his dreams in Manchester.

Curated with support from the Best family, you will get a sense of how the home would've looked when George was a boy growing up with his brother and three sisters.

Dotted around the house are family portraits, old school reports and letters home as well as an illustrated timeline and iconic photographs from George Best's incredible football career. A guided audio tour is also available for all guests, free of charge.

The house sleeps up to five people, with a price of around €150 per night including fees.

You can view the rental ad in full here, which gives a bit more background on the property.

This would definitely be quite the experience for George Best and Manchester United fans and we're sure it will be massively popular with people visiting Belfast.

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