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Have A Look At The Chris Hemsworth Workout For Extraction 2

Have A Look At The Chris Hemsworth Workout For Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth's workout routines must be exhausting in order to be in the shape he's in for his roles. The Aussie is gearing up for the Extraction sequel to play Tyler Rake, a former SASR agent turned black ops mercenary. The Thor star has always kept himself in good nick and he looks as impressive as ever now. He shared his insane workout routine for this movie on Instagram and it's quite insane.

Chris Hemsworth's workout routine includes 200 squats, 12 minutes of boxing, 100 push-ups and much more rigorous exercises . Split into 4 sets you can certainly see how the Marvel star stays in such good shape. It's tiring to even read what he does, let alone do it!

Extraction came out last year on Netflix and it's safe to say it was fairly successful. The action thriller movie was watched in over 99 million households worldwide in the first 4 weeks. It's the most watched Netflix original film of all time and they are currently in the early production of the sequel.


The Extraction sequel is written by Joe Russo and is produced by himself and his brother Anthony. The pair were the directors for the acclaimed The Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame as well as producing the original Extraction film. With an impressive record like that, it's easy to see why people are excited to see them back for the Extraction sequel.

Production began on Extraction 2 recently in Australia. But it had to be moved to Europe from Down Under after the country went into lockdown. It's now reportedly being filmed in Prague, Czech Republic. The film is rumoured to be released in mid 2022 but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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