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Here Are 8 Of The Best Films On TV Tonight

Here Are 8 Of The Best Films On TV Tonight

We've searched through the listings to find the best films on TV tonight for you to enjoy.

Today there are eight entertaining movies across a range of genres, which should keep you occupied this evening.

As usual, all of these films are available on non-subscription channels, though may not be on all platforms.

Films On TV

My Girl: 6.55pm, Sony Movies


Year: 1991

Cast: Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd

Plot: A young girl, on the threshold of her teen years, finds her life turning upside down when she is accompanied by an unlikely friend. (IMDb)

Rating: 53% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Crocodile Dundee: 7.05pm, Film Four


Year: 1986

Cast: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon

Plot: An American reporter goes to the Australian outback to meet an eccentric crocodile poacher and invites him to New York City. (IMDb)

Rating: 87% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Logan: 9pm, Film Four


Year: 2017

Cast:  Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen

Plot: In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety. (IMDb)

Rating: 93% (Rotten Tomatoes)


The Wedding Singer: 9pm, Comedy Central

Year: 1998

Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor

Plot: Robbie, a singer, and Julia, a waitress, are both engaged, but to the wrong people. Fortune intervenes to help them discover each other. (IMDb)


Rating: 68% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Joy Ride: 9pm, The Horror Channel

Year: 2001

Cast:  Steve Zahn, Paul Walker, Leelee Sobieski


Plot: Three young people on a road trip from Colorado to New Jersey talk to a trucker on their CB radio, then must escape when he turns out to be a psychotic killer. (IMDb)

Rating: 74% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: 9pm, Sony Movies

Year: 1997


Cast: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York

Plot: A 1960s secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to oppose his greatest enemy in the 1990s, where his social attitudes are glaringly out of place. (IMDb)

Rating: 71% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Premium Rush: 10.55pm, Sony Movies


Year: 2012

Cast:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez

Plot: In Manhattan, a bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues the cyclist throughout the city. (IMDb)

Rating: 74% (Rotten Tomatoes)

Analyze This: 11.45pm, TCM


Year: 1999

Cast: Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow

Plot: A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one patient is an insecure mob boss. (IMDb)

Rating: 69% (Rotten Tomatoes)

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