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How To Get Your #SpotifyWrapped And What It Means

How To Get Your #SpotifyWrapped And What It Means

We don't think there's been a year that we've welcomed the end of more than 2020.

Now, this isn't the forum to get into why 2020 should've ended in March, but it has allowed us a lot of time to ourselves.

Time that has seemingly been spent with music in our ears, according to Spotify. As soon as December hits, it's time for Spotify Wrapped.

Now, you might be asking yourself:

What is Spotify Wrapped? What is #SpotifyWrapped? Why is there a hashtag?

All of these are pertinent questions, and the answers to all three are simple.

Spotify Wrapped is Spotify's end of year collation of all of your listening numbers from the year we've had. It details your top artists, top songs, how many minutes you spent listening to music, they've even added your favourite podcasts to the mix as well.


Additionally, you can also find out your most listened to genre and they'll even give you props for finding underground music on the platform.

#SpotifyWrapped is the exact same thing, just in hashtag form.

Why is there a hashtag? Well, it's the internet, and you've got to find some way of measuring engagement.

What does it mean?

Well, it doesn't particularly mean anything.

It's designed to showcase your listening habits over the past year. Considering that the world was (and still is) on fire, you can bet that the time you spent listening to Spotify will be massive in comparison to recent years.


Also, there will probably be far more emotional anthems in there, just given the circumstances.

Investigate yourself and see if you truly know yourself.

We won't blame you if you try to make up an excuse as to why 'Reach' by S Club 7 was your top song. Yes, it was because you 'left it on a loop when you left your house' and not because it's a top-tier jam.

How to get your #SpotifyWrapped?

You can find out your own #SpotifyWrapped through the app or going through here.

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