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Introducing You To The Hero We Deserve: The Mighty Pint Balancer

Introducing You To The Hero We Deserve: The Mighty Pint Balancer

There's nothing like a bit of craic down the local. When you gather with a few friends and have a good catchup all can seem right with the world.

Of course, there is no better time than Christmas for this sort of occasion. No matter what part of the globe people find themselves in over in the years they always seem to find their way back home for the festive season.

It can never hurt to have a few characters knocking about. These are the people that you may not know all that well, but they really add to the experience. If they can do something a bit mad, then all the better.

They'd do well to top this lad, however.

Let us introduce you Mick 'Mul' Mulrooney from Goresbridge in Kilkenny, or as we like to call him, 'the mighty pint balancer'.

What does he do? Would you believe it, he balances pints. But this is no ordinary pint balancer.

The clip below was taken from the RTÉ archives from 1986. The reporter describes his ability as 'a most astonishing feat', and you won't hear any arguments from us. The man had been honing his craft for over 40 years.


You can tell. 'Mul' starts off by placing a pint of stout on his head and doing a bit of a jig, all without spilling as much as a drop.

Things only intensify from here. What happens next is one of the greatest feats you will ever see achieved in any pub. Just sit back and enjoy:

A pint and a short, not a bother. That box of matches never stood a chance.We can't imagine how many pints were wasted over the years in search of perfection such as this.

If you really want to impress the family tomorrow, this is one to break out after the Christmas dinner.

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Gary Connaughton

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