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We've Seen That Evil Line Of Duty Prison Warden Before

We've Seen That Evil Line Of Duty Prison Warden Before

The third episode of Line of Duty's sixth season aired on Sunday. Unlike the high-octane second episode, this one - from the squad car toppling in the lake to Arnott's several unannounced call-in's to Corbett's widow - felt forced in many places. However the table is set for what is billed as a highly-dramatic fourth episode.

Season Six has given plenty back to fans who've stuck with the show for the past eight years. Every episode has contained little details that makes you appreciate that care and planning that goes into making this programme. Last week, fans of the show were amazed to realise that officer Ryan Pilkington is the same gurrier named Ryan who was involved in organised crime in the first series of the programme.

There was a similar nugget in Episode 3 that perhaps even the most hardcore LOD fans would have missed. It might not have been essential to the plot line, but it was more evidence of the intelligence of the show. As AC-12 dug in on their investigation of DI Davidson, they decided it was time to formally interview Farida Jatri again. As Jatri is about to be moved from the prison cell for the interview, a very stern looking woman enters her cell. The door slams shut and we hear a scream. Safe to say that Ms Jatri does not attend the interview. In fact she decides she won't be cooperating at all with AC-12's investigation after her wrists are broken the prison warden.

Cast your mind back to 2014 and Season 2 of the programme and you might remember a thuggish female prison guard named Merchant  making life a nightmare for DI Lindsay Denton. Denton has poop thrown into her food by the prison officer, who later pours very hot water on Denton's hands.

The identity of the prison officer who brutalises Denton? The same Merchant who breaks Jatri's wrists.



Merchant is played by actress Irish actor Maria Connolly. It's disappointing that she's kept her job in the prison system this long given her flagrant disinterest in the human rights of inmates, but it's not surprising given the extent of police corruption uncovered by this programme. If Ms Merchant turns up in your prison cell, best of luck to you!

It's one of many little nods to past seasons embedded in Season 6 from writer/director Jed Mercurio.

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