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James Corden & Trevor Noah To Personally Pay Wages Of TV Crews During Pandemic

James Corden & Trevor Noah To Personally Pay Wages Of TV Crews During Pandemic

As the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt, a number of people are finding themselves out of work. That includes most industries, with those in entertainment not exempt.

Social distancing guidelines mean it is incredibly difficult to film television shows and movies. Late night American talkshows, which usually take place in front of large studio audiences, are now being filmed with minimal crew in small locations.

That has resulted in a number of staff losing their jobs. CBS, who air James Corden's The Late Late Show, had agreed to pay 60 members of the crew of the show for eight weeks while the pandemic stopped them from working.

That time period is now up, but according to Variety, Corden will personally pick up the bill to ensure all 60 staff continue to be paid in full. It is reported that this will cost him a five-figure sum each week.

The Late Late Show has continued to film new episodes, but have done so from Corden's home. However, that will now be put on hold after the British presenter underwent minor eye surgery.


He is not the only person in this position to make a gesture such as this.

Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central, will cover the salaries of 25 staff from his show who find themselves in the same position.

The South African has also been recording his show from his home during the pandemic.

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