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The Rewind Recommends: In 'Joker', Batman's Greatest Foe Is Reimagined

The Rewind Recommends: In 'Joker', Batman's Greatest Foe Is Reimagined

There have been several iterations of the Joker, Batman's most infamous foe, in cinema history.

From Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning turn in 2008's The Dark Knight, the Joker was often the most intriguing character in a raft of Batman films.

There's been a raft of strange press in the lead up to the film's release, including director Todd Phillips making out there comments regarding the 'far left'. These comments, plus hand-wringing regarding the film's potential to inspire real life violence have cast a shadow. After all, the film won the top prize at its debut screening at the Venice Film Festival.

The Joker, this time around, is played by Joaquin Phoenix, an actor who has the propensity to immerse himself in a role. The film deals with the villain's origin story, rather than pin him against Batman once again. The film follows a failed comedian who slowly descends into madness, thus becoming the Joker.


Although The Guardian didn't take too kindly to Joker, other outlets have praised the film. Empire gave it 5/5 stars, saying the film was "Bold, devastating and utterly beautiful". Likewise, the Times of India gave the film just a touch over 4/5 stars, saying that it was "simultaneously difficult to watch and yet, impossible to take your eyes off".



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