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Jon Snow Criticises Boris Johnson For Way He Handled Coronavirus Diagnosis

Jon Snow Criticises Boris Johnson For Way He Handled Coronavirus Diagnosis

While it had been claimed that Boris Johnson was doing well after his recent coronavirus diagnosis, the news that he was moved to an intensive care unit confirmed that he was seriously ill.

The British Prime Minister had been continuing to lead the government whilst working from home, but that has clearly taken its toll. What's more, the way the issue has been dealt with up until this point means it is unclear who will now be in charge.

Appearing on 'Claire Byrne Live' on RTÉ One this evening, British journalist Jon Snow said that Johnson is clearly very ill and that it looks like Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab will be in charge for the foreseeable future:

He was possibly too ill to govern, but in a sense now that's less important than whether he survives at all. One must hope very much that he does.

What seems to be clear is that he didn't want to renounce the reigns of power, and that possibly made his condition worse. He was still doing fine, they were saying he was on top of everything and that may well have exasperated his condition.

But certainly he's not doing fine now and may not be in any position to run the Government, so we must presume now that the acting Prime Minister is Dominic Raab.

With Johnson having been insistent on continuing to lead, it has left the public uncertain as to what will happen now that he is no longer able to do so.


Snow believes the way things have been handled have been a shambles:

I think the difficulty is that he didn't prepare the way for anybody to take over with significant authority. There are a number of challengers in the cabinet who would like to take over, Michael Gove would be one of them, and yet he has said that his assistant , but not the man who would take over, would be Dominic Raab.

It's a bit of a shambles. It's not clear what happens while he is so ill.

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