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Jon Stewart Heaps Shame On US Congress With Incredible Speech

Jon Stewart Heaps Shame On US Congress With Incredible Speech

Former 'Daily Show' Jon Stewart launched a scathing attack on US Congress for failing to adequately fund the healthcare of first responders to 9/11 attacks on New York while speaking yesterday at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing in Washington DC. The fiery, emotive speech went viral night, as Stewart heaped shame on American legislators for failing to back up rhetoric praising 'real American heroes'.

Stewart brought comedy to news and political coverage during his legendary run as Daily Show presenter last decade, but he has been campaigning for the fair compensation of 9/11 first responders since at least 2010.


The paramedics, policemen and firemen who risked their lives when they arrived on the scene following the World Trade Center attacks have had health care compensation promised to them by the US government jeopardised in recent months, with some people having their funding cut by up to 70%. US Congress had originally allocated $7.3billion for the fund, but roughly 19,000 health care claims are still to be dealt with.

Speaking alongside Stewart yesterday was retired detective Luis Alvarez, who suffers from cancer linked to work around the World Trade Center after 9/11.

"Less than 24 hours from now, I will be serving my 69th round of chemotherapy," Alvarez said. "I should not be here with you, but you made me come. You made me come because I will not stand by and watch as my friends with cancer from 9/11, like me, are valued less than anyone else."

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