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Kanye West Is Running For President And We're Officially Done With 2020

Kanye West Is Running For President And We're Officially Done With 2020

There's been too much crazy in the world for the past few months for Kanye West to be left out. Never far from the madness, West, last seen congratulating his wife Kim Kardashian on becoming a billionaire in such trying times, announced on social media last night, on July 4th, that he was running for the American presidency this year.

The presidential race is currently between Republican president Donald Trump and Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden currently holds a large lead over Trump in polls both nationally and in key states.

West, who's previously declared his love and support to Trump, would almost certainly siphon votes away from Biden, thus granting another four years to Trump.

Kanye West


And that's if he's even serious about running. West has hinted he would run before, but indicated he would hold off until the 2024 race. If he were to run as an independent, it's unclear as to whether he can get on the ballots for the election in many places. For some states, it seems it's already too late.

West does already have the support of a couple of billionaires. His wife is naturally behind the move, while pain in the hole billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk is also on board.


Many others though are dismayed by Kanye's announcement.


2020, the year that keeps giving. We've probably had enough now though.


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