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Report: Leo Varadkar Will Return To Medicine Practice To Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

Report: Leo Varadkar Will Return To Medicine Practice To Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

Leo Varadkar has rejoined the medical register with a view to helping on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Taoiseach is a qualified doctor, working in the profession for several years before pursuing a career in politics. He was subsequently removed from the medical register in 2013.

However, the Irish Times report that he now plans on working one shift a week with the HSE in order to help overworked staff dealing with the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus.

An appeal was put out last month which asked all registered healthcare workers in Ireland to make themselves available to the HSE, receiving a huge response.

According to the report, it is likely Leo Varadkar will carry out phone assessments for patients, the initial point of contact for those who believe they are displaying symptoms of the virus.


The government have been praised by the World Health Organisation for their response to the coronavirus pandemic, with Ireland's testing rates amongst the highest in Europe.

Dr. Mike Ryan, an Irishman who is head of the WHO's emergencies programme, told RTÉ that the response from his country had made him proud:

I really would like to commend the people in Ireland, the communities in Ireland, who have really taken on board this.

They are looking after themselves, they are looking after each other; I’m proud to be an Irishman watching the way in which communities in Ireland have embraced, listened and acted to protect themselves and protect others."

In Ireland, I think the government have done a very sound job in communicating and setting up a strategy that works. Nothing is perfect, things change every day.

If you look around Europe and the situation in other countries, Ireland can say that it's doing well.

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