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Now The Other Luke Kelly Statue Has Been Attacked Too

Now The Other Luke Kelly Statue Has Been Attacked Too

While the UK and America are having national about the continued presence of problematic statues, it perhaps speaks to the relative calm in Ireland that our only statue issue appears to be that of a beloved and cherished folk singer. Or at least we thought Luke Kelly was beloved and cherished.

Last night, Gardaí have confirmed, the statue of Kelly on the corner of Guild Street and Sheriff Street in Dublin has been vandalised yet again, marking the sixth time it has been defaced since it was erected 18 months ago.

A garda spokesman said: "Gardaí are investigating an act of criminal damage to a statue that occurred on Guild Street yesterday, Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

"No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing."

And while the Guild Street statue has been a regular target of vandals, last night, Kelly's second statue in Dublin, beside St. Stephen's Green shopping centre, was also targeted last night for the first time.


Both statues, which are a half hour's walk away from each other, were covered in white paint.

The whole thing is start to feel like a self-fulfilling thing. The more outrage and coverage one incident gets, the more it must be one-upped next time. That or some young lads just really hate their dad listening to Luke Kelly songs all day.

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