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Matching Game Of Thrones Characters To Their Manager Spirit Animals

Matching Game Of Thrones Characters To Their Manager Spirit Animals
Gary Connaughton
By Gary Connaughton
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Game of Thrones is finally back in our lives, and we are already wondering how we survived the last two years without it. The battle for the iron throne is set to be a brutal one over the coming weeks, with grizzly deaths, heroic rises and monstrous falls all set to be part of the course. Sounds a lot like the world of professional football to us.

In celebration of the return of the smash HBO show to our screens, we have decided to compare Game of Thrones characters to their counterparts in football management.

Jose Mourinho - Cersei Lannister

Not too much explanation required here. Just like Mourinho will do anything to get the win, Cersei is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to hang onto her power.

Both have remained at the top of their fields for what most would deem to be far too long, and are almost universally hated at this stage. We're guessing Paul Pogba is very relieved that Mourinho didn't have some wildfire to play around with.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - Melisandre


Having arrived unexpectedly, both of these would go on to have major impacts immediately. Things would improve to an incredible extent, handing them almost prophetic status.

Ultimately, they might not be all they were cracked up to be. They still have time to pull it back, but neither looks like the world beaters they could have potentially been.



Neil Warnock - Bran Stark

Are they still here? Be honest, nobody enjoys having Neil Warnock in the Premier League. The same can be said of Bran in Game of Thrones.

They are still knocking around though, and you get the feeling that they are going to balls something up for somebody eventually.



Roy Hodgson - Ser Davos Seworth

Both Hodgson and Ser Davos are old school members in a new wave of ambitious youth. Despite not seeming to do a whole lot, they have stuck around for much longer than expected.



Pep Guardiola - Daenerys Targaryen

Like Pep, Daenerys is quite easy on the eye, charming and a very smooth talker. Also like Pep, she is a power hungry maniac obsessed with world domination.


You can make your own comparisons between the strength offered by her trio of dragons and Pep being backed by Arab billions.


Sean Dyche - The Hound


Quite raspy voices on the pair of them, you get the feeling they don't take messing from anybody. Despite their somewhat agricultural methods, they seem to continue to get the job done.

Both seem like the type to eat worms.


Eddie Howe - Samwell Tarly

Samwell is perhaps the most likeable person in Westeros. He is a really down to earth lad and comes across as quite intelligent. Despite taking somewhat of a backseat in things thus far, you get the feeling he is going to do some big things in the not too distant future.

Tell me that doesn't just scream Eddie Howe?


Rafael Benitez - Hodor

Just like Hodor was stuck carrying Bran on his back for what felt like an eternity, Benitez has been carrying an equally heavy load by keeping Newcastle in the Premier League. Hopefully he does not meet the same grizzly end and will be rewarded for his efforts.


Marco Silva - Petyr Baelish

Much like Littlefinger, Marco Silva is willing to go anywhere that will see him move up the ladder, especially if there is bit of extra coinage coming his way.

There was a time when everything seemed to be going swimmingly for Baelish, but it all went to shit in the end when it emerged he was an absolute fraud. Marco Silva's rise up the Premier League ladder will likely end in a similarly gruesome fashion.



Nuno Espirito Santo - Euron Greyjoy

Wolves have arrived in the English top flight with the intent of gatecrashing the top six, throwing the Premier League elite into kilter. Nuno Espritio Santo is the man leading that charge, and the Euron Greyjoy comparisons are unavoidable.

Euron seems to have a sole purpose of causing wreck amongst the elite of Westeros society and has hardly been subtle in his methods in doing so. Just like Euron has the horn for Cersei, Nuno also seems to have an equal affection for Portuguese footballers.

They also have class beards.


Mick McCarthy - Jon Snow

The second coming. Jon Snow had a remarkable rise in the Night's Watch, before falling by the wayside when he was betrayed by his brothers. Mick McCarthy led Ireland to the 2002 World Cup, only to be out of the job a few months later.

Just like Snow was resurrected from the dead, McCarthy has returned to his former job. Also similar to Jon Snow's war against the undead, the former Ipswich manager is faced with a comparably impossible job.


Maurizio Sarri - Khal Drogo

An exotic foreigner, Khal Drogo looked set to take Westeros by storm. However, a couple of rash decisions seen him truly make a balls of things and he was looking to be put out of his misery by the end.

Sarri had a fast start to life in London after arriving with a big reputation from overseas, but he too found that things would quickly fall apart. Like Drogo, a man looking for the bullet at this stage.


Mauricio Pochettino - Brienne of Tarth

Like Brienne of Tarth's undying commitment to the Stark clan, Pochettino's loyalty to Spurs is very impressive. He could have easily jumped ship to a club with a bigger bank account, but has remained in North London.

Both Brienne and Pochettino are very straight laced, and you wouldn't like to mess with either.


Arsene Wenger - Jorah Mormont

Similar to Jorah Mormant after a brush with a dose of the greyscale, Arsene Wenger survived much longer at Arsenal than he should have.

Wenger chased an unattainable Premier League title for his final decade in charge, while Mormont continues to lust after Daenerys Targaryen despite her displaying time and time again that she would rather take on any other man that shows a bit of interest.


Unai Emery - Jaime Lannister

The 'kingslayer' Jaime Lannister was at the heart of overthrowing the mad king, being the one to strike the final blow as Aerys Targaryen's reign was brought to an end. His move from underdog to top of society in Westeros never really suited him, and he would soon fall out with his sister/lover and become well liked after starting out as a bit of a bollocks. Now on the rise again as an underdog against the crown and the undead.

Unai Emery worked brilliantly as an underdog to the European elite, leading Sevilla to a number of European trophies. However he wasn't well suited to the favourites tag after joining PSG, and would ultimately fail in the role. Now saddled with less expectations at Arsenal, he is having a good go and is a likeable figure in the Premier League.

The likeness is uncanny, minus the incest of course.


Jurgen Klopp - Tormund Giantsbane

Despite their large stature, this pair seem to be big kids at heart. They are lovable and a bit of craic, but you wouldn't like to cross them either. When push comes to shove, they won't be bested by many lads, be it on the pitch or the field of battle.


Brendan Rodgers - Tyrion Lannister

Both Brendan Rodgers and Tyrion Lannister give off the impression of being very intelligent and wise in the ways of the world, although they have yet to show this is actually the case.

Like Rodgers, Tyrion has changed teams on a few occasions. With both now carrying the scars of past battles, they are set to make one last go of it in the Premier League/King's Landing.


Quique Sanchez Flores - Ned Stark

Both had very respectable debut seasons, only to be torn from our lives far too soon. Last time we saw Quique Sachez Flores his head was on a spike on the walls of a castle King's Landing, while Ned Stark is currently the manager of Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the Chinese Super League.

Or was that the other way around?

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