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Michael D's 1993 Poem Is Reassuringly Poignant In Light Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Michael D's 1993 Poem Is Reassuringly Poignant In Light Of Covid-19 Pandemic

As our Head of State, Michael D Higgins has been a beacon of calmness throughout his tenure, not least in the past number of weeks.

The President today spoke on his pride that so many were returning home to fight on the frontlines of the HSE to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking on RTE's Drivetime, President Higgins said that it was wonderful to think that Irish people are taking their citizenship so seriously.

He also added that he expects that in the aftermath of the virus, we'll see "a much better version of the economy, one where people are at the centre of it, and where monetary and fiscal policy is adjusted to the needs of the people rather than the people adjust to the whims of the economy."

Also, speaking on the FM104 Strawberry Alarm Clock, the President urged people to give social distancing "a lash" in order to see the full benefits of the tactic.

We give it a lash in what we're doing this week - in terms of observing the physical distance when we're out doing things and also in relation to other recommendations about hand washing - it means what we do will have a huge effect...

It isn't only young people, all sections of the population have their bit to do.


Adding to his earlier messages, the President delved his poetic roots to deliver a message of hope and reassurance in this trying time through the President's social channels.

Here's the poem 'Take Care' in its entirety. It is taken from Michael D's 1993 collection of poems 'Season Of Fire'.

In the journey to the light,
the dark moments
should not threaten.
that you hold steady.
Bend, if you will,
with the wind.
The tree is your teacher,
roots at once
more firm
from experience
in the soil
made fragile.
Your gentle dew will come
and a stirring
of power
to go on
towards the space
of sharing.
In the misery of the I,
in rage,
it is easy to cry out
against all others
but to weaken
is to die
in the misery of knowing
the journey abandoned
towards the sharing
of all human hope
and cries
is the loss
of all we know
of the divine
for our shared
Hold firm.
Take care.
Come home
Stirring words indeed.

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Sean Meehan

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