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New Michael Jackson Documentary On Tonight Sounds Intriguing

New Michael Jackson Documentary On Tonight Sounds Intriguing

A new feature-length documentary about Michael Jackson airs on BBC Two at 9pm this evening.

'The Real Michael Jackson' was made by investigative journalist Jacques Peretti. This is his third film about the singer who died in 2009.

It comes a year following the release of 'Leaving Neverland', another documentary about Jackson in which allegations of paedophilia and sexual assault were made.

According to the BBC, in the new film, Peretti "goes back to Jackson’s beginnings, charting his rise and fall and seeking a fuller picture of this complex, contradictory character by exploring the clues that were missed.

"He investigates how Jackson became what he was, whether he manipulated his fame and the entertainment machine to conceal the truth and what the audience’s part was in it all.


"What emerges is a fascinating, thoughtful and multi-layered reappraisal of one of the world’s most famous and controversial artists that investigates what the public failed to see - or were willing to ignore."

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