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The New Season Of Netflix's Greatest Show Dropped Today

The New Season Of Netflix's Greatest Show Dropped Today

What timing!

Netflix have had some fantastic releases in recent years. They have become well-known for their gripping documentary series, with Tiger King just the latest example. The likes of Sex Education, Ozark, Stranger Things, and Better Call Saul have also proven to be massive hits.

However, this show may be the best of the lot, and it's not even in English.

Money Heist is a Spanish show based around, you guessed it, a big money heist.

Originally released in two parts (22 episodes) on the streaming site, it focused around a criminal mastermind known as "The Professor" and their attempts to pull off the biggest robbery in history by breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain and print billions of Euros.

He recruits eight highly complex characters to help, all of whom add a little something different but come with no shortage of baggage.

The series was renewed for 16 further episodes by Netflix, which would be split evenly into 'Part 3' and 'Part 4', with Part 3 was released in July of last year.


The series picked up two years after the original heist, introducing some new characters along the way. It left us perfectly set up for the last eight episodes, and you can watch the trailer below:

If you have never seen Money Heist, now is the ideal time to binge the lot. Its 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes tells you all you need to know.

Please don't let the fact that it's not in English put you off. If you are not one for subtitles, you can watch a dubbed version.

With some other cracking releases coming to Netflix a couple of days ago, there will be no shortage of content to keep us entertained as we are stuck indoors over the coming weeks.

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