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Two Minute Review: Murder Mystery

Two Minute Review: Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery - starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston - premiered on Netflix this week, and by all accounts broke all kinds of streaming records. But is it worth your time? Here's our two minute Murder Mystery review.

The hope: Our best case scenario for Murder Mystery wasย Dirty Rotten Scoundrels meets The Waterboy.ย Sandler has attained borderline auteur status over the past year, and rides into this on the back of a truly brilliant Nextflix comedy special and the critical acclaim of an almightily funny return to SNL.ย Aniston is one of the best comic actresses we have. Pair them together as an American couple on a yacht in Monaco with all the predictable caricatures from a European murder mystery novel, and surely this can't miss.

30 million people can't be wrong right?


The reality:ย Sorely disappointing and borderline garbage. We come to this as huge fans of the Sandman and only saw extraordinary potential in this movie. The murder mystery genre was sorely crying out for two middle-aged Americans to romp in and cause mayhem. But we couldn't get past the pungent pang of laziness off of this. Sandler plays the same character he plays in every film - not a complaint - but he phones this one in. He and Aniston feel like they're actually on holiday during this film, such is their disregard for jokes and acting. Even the title - Murder Mystery - is extremely lazy. Dumb plot, half-arsed performances, minimal ambition - we want more from you, Sandman!

Best cameo:ย Pam from Veep, Monstrose Crowley from Game of Thrones

What the Twitterati say: All in all, the people on social media seem to like it.

Is this worth 97 minutes of your life? Our advice: don't bother.ย We made it 40 minutes before closing the laptop.

What did you make of Murder Mystery?ย Let us know.

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