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The Rewind Recommends: You Won't Regret Binge-Watching This Hidden Netflix Gem

The Rewind Recommends: You Won't Regret Binge-Watching This Hidden Netflix Gem

With the Easter weekend almost upon us it is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family close the curtains, turn on the TV and move into your living room on a permanent basis. There has been plenty of chatter about Game of Thrones this week but if you're looking for Netflix reccomendations we've got one that's been out for quite a while but has somehow flown completely under the radar.

Dark is a German thriller that actually debuted on Netflix all the way back in December 2017. However there has still only been one season of the show and with season 2 coming later this year, now is the perfect time to catch up.

While it may have been released over a year ago, the story is actually based mostly in 2019 and centres on a small town, called Winden, where two children suddenly go missing. Their disappearance is peculiar for number of reasons, with the town's older residents recalling its similarity to the disappearance of two other kids in 1986. In fact, Ulrich, the father of one of missing children, Mikkel Nielsen, is also the bother of Mads Nielsen, who went missing in 1986 and was never found.

What begins a simple whodunit quickly turns into a story that is much deeper and engrossing. It also has a bloody good trailer, which will do a much better job of convincing you to watch the series than could ever hope to.



The show has shades of Stranger Things but is much more grown up and a lot 'darker,' for want of a better word. For the many of us who don't speak German, Netflix offers two options: you can choose between watching the German version with English subtitles or a version that is dubbed in English. While the dubbed offering is slightly jarring at first, we recommend sticking with as you will quickly adapt.

Either way, Dark is perhaps the best hidden show on Netflix right now.

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