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Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart' Is Out Now For IPhone, IPad and Android

Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart' Is Out Now For IPhone, IPad and Android

Nintendo have launched their latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, which is now available on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as on Android devices.

The PEGI 3 game already has over a million downloads and is free-to-play but there are several in-app purchases and a subscription option.

Upon downloading, players get one rider and a tutorial. The  200cc mode and in-game bonuses are only available for purchase. Mario Kart Tour also features online ranking with other mobile players worldwide.

For Android, the game is hosted by Google Play Games. You need to create a Nintendo Account in order to play.

As for the in-game play, it is different to other Nintendo operating systems. All cars automatically accelerate so users just have to steer. Drift is available and there are new bonuses. As well as that, the game is played horizontally on mobile.


The 'Tour' element is a mix of typical courses with real-world cities which rotate. For example, a New York is currently available and lasts for two weeks. Other in-game elements are unlocked as you progress through the game and more features are expected on future updates.

It is single-finger gameplay and thus a different experience, but it is still Mario Kart. Have at it.

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