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Watch Offaly Pub's Brilliant Response To A Bad Review

Watch Offaly Pub's Brilliant Response To A Bad Review

The owner of Offaly pub JJ Houghs has fired back after a bad review from the Sunday World's 'Pub Spy' section.

Ger Hough jokingly decided to "renovate" his pub after it received two out of five pints in their most recent review, sharing the results to Facebook in a hilarious video.

The reviewer seemed unimpressed with the old look of the pub, saying:

"Visiting this pub was a unique experience - and that's putting it mildly. Visitors from abroad - or even Dublin - would find this eye-opening.

"There is a huge amount of seating, with small barstools dotted throughout the bar and one corner dedicated to musicians. Apparently they serve pizzas but nobody was dining during our visit.

"Framed MMA gloves look to be the only thing anyway new in a pub that quite possibly has never received a makeover. The bare concrete floor is still visible."

Taking on board the constructive criticism, Ger decides to smash a sledgehammer into the ancient floor of the Offaly pub before destroying other priceless historical artefacts and removing any sign of personality from the Banagher establishment.

Thankfully, the video ends with the reveal that nothing about the pub has actually changed.

In the post accompanying the video, Ger explains why the concrete is still exposed in the bar, saying the criticism "ignores the fact that the Pub is a heritage site and protected structure, and the floor they refer to dates back to an old 14th Century Monastery."


The video now has more than 50,000 views, with hundreds of comments praising the pub's response and many viewers promising to head to JJ Houghs for a pint in the near future.

We think it's fair to say that the review has had the opposite of its intended effect.

Check it out for yourself below.

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