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It's Official: Rage Against The Machine Are Reforming

It's Official: Rage Against The Machine Are Reforming

Enjoy these last few weeks of 2019 and make it as mellow as you can because we can assure you 2020 is going to be mad. There's a US presidential election, as you may have heard, and perhaps an impeachment trial. Like moths to a bonfire, Rage Against The Machine confirmed yesterday they'll be returning to action after an eight-year hiatus.

RATM were woke before it was a thing and the likes of 'Bombtrack', 'Killing In The Name' and 'Bulls On Parade' inspired so many angsty teen moshpits, while providing a primer on American imperialism for many young folks. (Rage also paved the way for many nu-metal bands like Limp Bizkit but we won't get into that today.) Zach and the lads confirmed rumours that had been circling online last week by announcing five gigs for next March and April, including two at the doggedly capitalist gathering of hot people Coachella.

There's no word on whether they'll extend that tour to Europe.

Nostalgia aside, Rage were made for this political moment. But will Gen Z embrace this bunch of angsty boomers? Time will tell.



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