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Americans Are Attacking Dustin The Turkey On Twitter Over Niall Horan

Americans Are Attacking Dustin The Turkey On Twitter Over Niall Horan

On Friday night, we were treated to a litany of delights on 'RTE Does Comic Relief'.

From beautiful performances from the likes of Christy Moore and Hozier, to downright hilarious moments like Ann Doyle presenting Waterford Whispers News, it was a spectacular evening of entertainment.

As we expressed yesterday, the return of 'The Den' had people young and old clambering for its permanent restoration. However, one moment from the children's TV show drew the ire of an Internet militia deadlier than the devil himself - One Direction fans.

It was all started by this tweet, and the responses are exhaustive in their condemnation of Dustin the Turkey, Zig & Zag and Ray D'Arcy.



Now, several Irish people have responded giving context to what happened in the video, in an attempt to satiate the frothing rage generated by a puppet of a turkey.

Of course, context doesn't matter to these people. Not only is the show for charity, but they are literally puppets designed for children's TV. The context of Niall Horan literally growing up watching The Den is wasted on these people. The context of distinct 'Irish' humour is wasted on the blind legion of Niall Horan's adoring fans.

Dustin the Turkey is an Irish institution and we won't stand for this. Thankfully, the Irish people on social media rallied in defence of our noble national turkey.


We're sure that Niall Horan would be fighting his own fans for their ignorance. In fact, he's probably laying low due to the sheer embarrassment of their antics.

Dustin the Turkey is all of us. He's the puppet who stoically stood against Zig & Zag's pursuit of the Queen's shilling. He went to Eurovision in the knowledge that the audience were extremely anti-poultry. He even wrote a diss track against The Thrills.

Dustin the Turkey is an Irish hero and we won't stand for his cancellation.

... And Niall Horan is alright too.

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Sean Meehan

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