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People Are Being Ruthless About Gary Barlow And James Corden's New Song

People Are Being Ruthless About Gary Barlow And James Corden's New Song

We thought that the end was near when Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes decided to do a swing duet together in 2001.

Little did we know that the album it stemmed from - Swing When You're Winning - would spawn a wave of imitators and a pseudo big band revival.

Well, 18 years later, a different lad from Take That and Smithy from Gavin & Stacey have decided that the world needs to hear more 21st Century swing.

Granted, music tastes are completely subjective, and there will be people out there that enjoy this track. It's a situation which brings upon the wise words of Super Hans from Peep Show:


However, one saving grace is that people are coming out in their droves to state their opposition to Barlow and Corden's assault on the senses.

Al Jolson, peace be upon him, may have felt aggravation beyond this mortal coil when Williams and Wilkes decided they wanted to summon his spirit, but at least it's not this egregious.

AND THE ADLIBS? Why are they so pronounced and unfunny? Corden seemingly went to America, received stacks of cash in exchange for his soul.

Either way, here's the full song:


It's bad, it's really, really bad. Here are some of the best responses to this aural toilet:


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