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People Are Recounting Some Hilarious Viking Splash Stories

People Are Recounting Some Hilarious Viking Splash Stories

The people of Dublin woke today to find out the Viking Splash Tours, an institution of the city, are facing liquidation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Company director Des Rogers, speaking on RTE's The Business Show, has said that there will be a company meeting on November 26 in order to see if the tours can resume.

Rogers expressed that the company cannot continue to "stand still" and that any potential buyers would have to realise that the fleet of World War II amphibious vehicles are designed solely for Dublin.

The news hasn't been greeted with much shock considering the precarious nature of the current climate for tourist-based companies in 2020.

However, the outpouring of support and recounting of stories from Dublin folk and visitors shows that the Viking Splash will be a huge loss to the city if they cannot continue.

Long live the Viking Splash, here are some of our favourite stories:



We'll round off with a non-sequitur, sure it's always best to laugh:

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