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Quiz: Can You Answer These 'Phone A Friend' Questions?

Quiz: Can You Answer These 'Phone A Friend' Questions?

On Thursday, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? YouTube channel posted a video of the first ever "Phone A Friend" on the quiz show. Obviously that then sent us down a wormhole of old WWTBAM videos, reminding us of why it is the greatest television quiz show of all time.

For our quiz on The Rewind today we thought we'd share some of the questions we came across in which the contestant decided to phone a friend. How good of a friend would you be? You start the quiz off at an £8,000 question and while some of the question values are the same, the further you go in the quiz the harder they'll get.

We're nearly certain absolutely nobody will get 12/12 or anywhere even close. Best of luck.

Now that you've finished the quiz, you can relive the first ever Phone a Friend question below. It was quite uneventful but we did get a good laugh out of the phone he was using.


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