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Remembering Brendan Grace's Funniest Moments

Remembering Brendan Grace's Funniest Moments

Terrible news has reached us this morning that Brendan Grace has passed away at the age of 68. Grace had been suffering from lung cancer and died overnight. Grace had planned to tour Ireland this summer but had to cancel the tour due to ill health. Grace's VHS and cassette tapes would have been a staple in so many Irish households in the 1980s and 1990s and he was truly a national treasure.

These are some of the best Brendan Grace videos that you'll find online.

The Number One Hit

Grace was born in the Liberties, and started his entertainment career as a musician before moving into comedy. He had a #1 hit with 'Combine Harvester' which remains the greatest song ever written about farmer romance.

The Jungle Music Loving Priest

For a younger generation, Grace will always be remembered as Father Fintan Stack in Father Ted.

The surly Father of the Bride

Possibly Grace's funniest skit was his take on Irish wedding speech rituals, especially a hiccupy, disillusioned Father of the Bride.

The kid

He was perhaps best known for his Bottler character, which Grace based on a childhood version of himself.

The Chinese takeaway

Some elements of this skit bristle today, but Grace's Chinese Takeaway skit remains an hilarious examination of immigration in Ireland.

With the Paisleys

Grace's humour cut through many divides in society, as evidenced by this surreal clip of Grace on RTE's Saturday Live with Ian Paisley, Paisley's daughter Rhonda and Sammy Wilson from 1987.

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