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Reports: U2 Make €10 Million Contribution To Aid Irish Medical Workers

Reports: U2 Make €10 Million Contribution To Aid Irish Medical Workers

On Monday we wondered if it was time for Ireland's billionaires to don the green jersey and contribute like Ireland's doctors, nurses, guards and supermarket workers in helping Ireland cope with Covid-19.

U2 might not be billionaires but they're one of the wealthiest rock bands on the planet. And they're making a serious investment to help Ireland in its moment of need.

RTÉ report tonight that U2 have contributed €10 million for ventilators, personal protective equipment and other vital supplies for Irish front line medical workers. That's an incredible contribution.

The first shipment arrived from China yesterday at Dublin airport.

The shipment was organised by Irish airport leasing company Avolon. Speaking to RTÉ Emmet Moloney of Avolon described the project like this:

This entire project was conceived and executed in just ten days. We want to support the remarkable people on the front lines of our healthcare services. Avolon is an Irish company. We're proud and privileged to play our part in that."


Dr Niall Mulvihill, a consultant cardiologist, described the equipment to RTÉ.

"We're talking 40 ventilators, approximately 60,000 goggles, 20,0000 face masks - which are the type of masks required in the ICU settings - also over a million disposable gloves, so it's a significant amount of equipment. To the best of our knowledge it's all been quality assured but obviously we'll have to check it on arrival.

We don't know much more about U2's contribution beyond the €10 million figure quoted in the article, but it's a massive amount of money and this equipment will hopefully be able to used immediately in hospitals up and down the country.

The HSE told RTÉ that various bodies were doing everything they could to get more PPE into the country ahead of the feared 'surge' in covid-19.

While the HSE cannot comment on any individual transaction, all products procured are checked to ensure they meet the highest international standards before being transported. Products received into our warehouse are inspected prior to delivery to hospitals and nursing homes across the country,"

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