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Residents Of One Cork Street Have Brought The Cinema To Themselves

Residents Of One Cork Street Have Brought The Cinema To Themselves

In these trying times, we must stay together by keeping apart.

Being the social beasts that we are, it's always going to be difficult, but the majority of us are pulling in the right direction.

This unprecedented situation has seen kindness and ingenuity come to the fore, with these characteristics on show throughout the country. On one Cork street, those elements have been seen once again.

The residents of Frankfield Terrace have turned their street into an outdoor cinema, with the 20 or so residents of the road indulging in the classics.

The idea came from the head of Scott Horgan, a theatre production company manager. Speaking to RTE, Horgan said that he was on tour when the restrictions came into play, so he was thinking about ways to keep himself occupied.

He noticed that a vast amount of his neighbours are elderly, and that most wouldn't have access to instant entertainment services like Netflix. So, he borrowed a projector from his production company and, using a gable wall on the side of a terrace house at the end of the street, he found a screen.


The residents of the street revealed that these screenings have strengthen the bond between them, for residents that have lived on the road for generations and those who have just moved in.

One such resident, Clare Healy, who only moved onto the road a year ago, says that the screenings have given them 'such a sense of joy and community'.

The residents have also started a collection for the charity Age Action to coincide with the screenings.

So far, the Frankfield Terrace residents have sampled 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and 'Calamity Jane'. Horgan promises that, provided the restrictions are still in place, he plans to continue screening more films.

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