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The Rewind Random Quiz: Can You Identify Every County Town In Ireland?

The Rewind Random Quiz: Can You Identify Every County Town In Ireland?

It is for moments like this where you look back on the insane ferocity with which Irish geography was hammered into your head while you were in fourth class, and think, 'perhaps it was all worth it'. All those countless hours spent staring at very pixelated maps of Ireland, printed on low quality A4 paper with various mountain ranges, rivers and towns marked and it being demanded of you that you name them, are finally going to pay off. Right now. For this quiz.

Perhaps though, you were utterly dogshit at geography in school and retained none of that information, regarding the names of county towns, and rivers etc. Then, at the very least, you've almost certainly, at various points, woken up in the majority of these places having, after a night out, erroneously boarded the wrong Bus Éireann bus home. Heading to Gort and ending up in Cork? It's a tale as old as time.

See how you fare with the quiz to correctly identify which of these are the Irish county towns. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to begin an extensive letter-writing campaign to the county councils of those counties who have a town that bears the same name as their county but for some inexplicable reason have elected an entirely different town as their county town. The mind boggles.


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