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Quiz: Can You Complete The Lyrics To Maniac 2000?

Quiz: Can You Complete The Lyrics To Maniac 2000?

This year, we were all robbed of our Christmas nights out. All we do is look back fondly to a time when restrictions meant 4am closing times and nobody had ever heard of Dr. Tony Holohan. And when it comes to nostalgia, nothing screams Irish night out like Mark McCabe's Maniac 2000.

That's why we thought we'd dedicate our Christmas Eve Rewind quiz to one of the most-loved Irish songs in living memory. It's a song that you have no doubt sang at least 50 times but were you singing it properly or were you belting out incoherent mumbo jumbo and hoping no one noticed? Now it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

No one in our office has got 14/14 in this quiz. Can you?

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Maniac 2000

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