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The Rewind Recommends: What To Watch, Read And Listen To Today

The Rewind Recommends: What To Watch, Read And Listen To Today

We've gone trawling so you don't have to. Here are a few things from the world of pop culture that caught our eyes and ears.

What to watch on TV:

Unless you inexplicably have yet to hear about it, it will come as no surprise that the best thing to watch on oldschool TV tonight is Chernobyl on Sky Atlantic at 9pm. The co-production between HBO and Sky UK, has a whopping 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and with good reason.

Tonight's instalment is the fourth episode in the five part mini-series, entitled "The Happiness of All Mankind."

What to listen to:


You're not going to believe this but our recommended podcast today is ... wait for it ... Chernobyl! We simply could not move off the topic without mentioning the fantastic podcast series that accompanys the TV show. Host, Peter Sagal, delves into each episode with the series creator, writer and executive producer, Craig Mazin, speaking in depth about the production decisions and true stories that shaped each episode.

The release of each podcast episode coincides with the airing of each television episode, providing terrific context and explanation for what we've just watched.

What to read online today:

Jamie said: “As it’s my idea, I want to be a writer.” He’d just dropped out of university, so after a rather heated conversation, he joined the writing team, along with every member of his student flat.

For those off you who grew up on the E4 cult classic Skins then you'll love this short and snappy 'How we made Skins' interview piece on The Guardian's website today. Rich Pelley speaks the father and son team of Brian Elsley and Jamie Brittain about how they came up with the show, the actors they recruited and the other great TV that influenced their direction.


Read it here.

Your next Netflix guilty pleasure:

Staying on the theme of teen dramas, The Society is a new Netflix series that has debuted this month and is one of those shows you won't be proudly preaching about watching but you will still be absolutely addicted to.

A group of high school students return to the town of West Ham, Connecticut, after a camping trip only to discover that everyone else in the town has disappeared. Their access to the wider world is cut off and the town is suddenly surrounded by an endless forest. There is no explanation and no escape.'s editor, Chris Ryan, was highly complimentary of it on his weekly podcast The Watch:

The thing that I've been watching a lot as a palate cleanser for Game of Thrones is The Society. It's right between turn your brain off and I can't figure out why this works so well but I'm obsessed with it.

Check out the trailer below and you can watch all of season one on Netflix right now.

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