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The Rewind Recommends: Joxy Turbo Is The Kind Of Top Lad That Every Shop Needs

The Rewind Recommends: Joxy Turbo Is The Kind Of Top Lad That Every Shop Needs

If you've ever worked in retail, the feeling of trepidation when going to the manager's office is hard to replicate.

You can never tell if you're about to be lauded or lambasted, with both eventualities right around the corner.

However, there's one lad that seems to make manager-employee relations look like a fine art.

Joxy Turbo, a pseudonym for Ryan Carrick, has only been on the scene since the middle of November bringing us tales from the Centra shop-floor straight to our Twitter feed. His manager Jim, always off-camera, offers an ear and a helping hand to Joxy.

In the first video, a customer falls foul to a milk trolley, with Joxy unable to help the prone man being milk-boarded down by the fridges. Joxy's demeanour around customers mirrors the desires of most retail workers, telling it how it is consistently.


However, he showcases his true worth to the shop, charging the customer for the damaged milk. It's that kind of nous around the shop-floor that Jim appreciates.

We got an update to the Joxy Turbo story a few days ago. In the bowels of a Dublin City Centra, Joxy returns to Jim's office to chat about his newfound role on the deli.

Ever the renaissance man, Joxy ably stepped into the breach in the absence of Kathleen, despite it not being his area of expertise. He unfortunately ran into an unruly customer that asked incessant questions about the ingredients in the deli.

Rather than entertain the young lad's line of questioning, Joxy decided that the lad could join him behind the deli counter.

Joxy also introduces Jim to the Black Eyed Peas new song 'Boom Boom Pow', which induces grooving around the office.

Joxy Turbo would be the perfect workmate, not one to deviate from the task at hand, yet still willing to let the customer know who's boss. Jim is the kind of boss that you can get behind, always willing to defend his employees and their actions.

You're a top lad, Joxy Turbo, go on Scunthorpe United.


Sean Meehan

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